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Niche or Product or Customer?

Q. I chose my niche but I can’t find a winning product on

Remember, you’re not finding your winning product this week; your future customers are going to choose for you, by voting with their wallets. 

To start, you’ll be offering a store with 20 products; then you’ll be using Facebook Ad Campaigns to test-offer products which reveals  a clear winner.

We start you on AliExpress during your learning phase. This course gives you the opportunity to hit the ground running. You’ll be able to do your Ecommerce Apprenticeship while you’re doing Work Experience and can earn as you learn.

We find this the most effective way of accelerating your store success. That’s why it’s called eCommerce Accelerator™ Training.

Once you get your built-for-you store, you’ll start learning how to advertise, while you learn how to fulfill customer orders using dropshipping within your Shopify store Admin. Before then, we’ll be doing as much as we can to set it up for you, so you can advertise and sell your products in a ready-to-go eCommerce business site. But first, we’ll need your guidance and decisions for your chosen niche.

Search in for some of your niche products and then think of 3 categories that cover the first 20 products you’d like to offer in your niche store: for instance, Equipment, Apparel and Accessories. Assign each product choice into one of the categories.

Don’t worry, this is just to get you started. You’ll learn how to manage and update you store, add products in the future and refine your choices later.

This training is a method of transferring knowledge that you’ll always have. You’ll be empowered to run your online business, your store and your advertising independently and confidently once you complete your learning journey.