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Launch Overview

Whether you've had your store open for a while, or are preparing to open, you can implement a New Launch or Rolling Launch strategy to build and continue momentum and propel your store into success. You can choose a 30, 60 or 90 day countdown so you have time to prepare, and keep to a firm date.

5 Launch Preparation Activities

Get ready by using all of these activities for your Launch:

1. Giveaway promotions
Create an attractive offer to gather a large list of subscribers, with a waitlist for the store opening.

2. Email broadcasts
Keep in touch with your subscribers during pre-launch. Send valuable content, tips & tricks, and blogs so that they're ready to listen when you promote your products.

3. Strategic alliances
Find Influencers and joint venture partners. Ask them to video review your best product.

4. Retargeting ads
Prepare your ads for later, once you're getting sales. Take that one product and run retargeting campaigns in Facebook to extend the momentum of your Launch.

5. Content creation
Post a minimum of 3 posts weekly on your Facebook Page to make sure you're seen and active before the opening.

You'll find a deep dive into these principles in your:
Accelerator Training Week Three.