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How to fulfill orders with Dropified

This article will show you how to fulfill orders with Dropified.

1. Automated order process 

Dropified can automate the ordering process on AliExpress and eBay (if you are placing orders with Alibaba then see below). If you are ordering from any of the other sites we support for Dropshipping then you will have to use the Manual Order Process (see below).

To begin, navigate to your Dropified Orders page.

From there, you can click Place Order and choose an ordering method.

You can select from the following order types:

  • Auto Order - the whole process is automated
  • Auto - Choose Shipping - an auto order where you can change the shipping method first
  • Step by Step - semi-automated where you can approve each step of the process
  • Manual Order - no automation

Click the Order Items button on the upper right-hand corner of the order to allow Dropified to automatically place all items in an order.

This will open the supplier's page and start the auto ordering process for each item in the order. When the ordering process is finished, the Order IDs will be added back to Dropified to mark it as "Order Placed". 

You can initiate several orders at once, and these will be queued up and placed automatically. Once order process is complete, it will open a new tab for another order in queue. You also have the option to change the Orders Queue settings.

Note the following symbols in Orders Queue:

  • Check mark means the order is complete and mark as ordered.
  • Rotating arrows means the items in the order is processing.
  • Hourglass simply means the order is the next one to be processed.


  • If you have marked the order as Fulfilled in Shopify then it won't show up in your Order Menu in Dropified unless you switch the default filter settings to capture Any orders in the Fulfillment option.
  • If orders are not marked as "Order Placed", please ensure Automatically Mark as Ordered is enabled in your Dropified store settings. 
  • If you're using CommerceHQ, the order will also be marked as "Sent to Fulfillment" in your store. 
  • You'll also need the Dropified Chrome Extension installed

2. Manual order process 

When you import a product from the One-Click Supported Sites, you will need to manually process the order. Note: this does not apply to products set up from AliExpress or eBay.

Once you receive an order from a product you imported with Dropified it will show up in the Order Menu. When you get ready to fulfill the order click the Place Order button and choose Manual Order. 

This will take you to the product on the Website that you imported it from.

Then you will have to select the variant (if there is one) and proceed to the checkout. Enter the address and shipping info for your customer. If you have a Custom Message to the supplier (letting them know you are dropshipping) you will have to enter that on the order as well.

Next, you will have to enter your payment information on the site (if you don't have a login already with this saved). Finally, you can go to the order menu and mark it as Ordered manually. 

When they give you a tracking number you can click on the "unfulfilled" button in the Order menu and load your tracking number there. It will then use your store email to notify your customer of the tracking number. 


3. Process orders from Alibaba

 Select the shipping method per order or set a default shipping option from Dropified settings.

Click Place Order from the order details modal once you've set the shipping options and you're good with the orders. Note that the status "Ready" indicates that the items in the order are all set.

Once the orders are placed, the status will change to "Order Placed" and you'll see that the Alibaba order ID is automatically assigned in the order at Dropified. After that, you can click on the "Close" button.

Once the order is placed, you should login to your Alibaba account to complete the payment at Alibaba Orders List.

You can also check the order at the Dropified Tracking page.

The tracking and order status will sync to your connected store as usual based on your Auto Fulfillment settings in Dropified. 

Tracking numbers and fulfillment status will auto sync from Alibaba to Dropified, but you can click on Sync with Supplier in order to manually sync the orders instantly.



  • Costs will show in the Profit Dashboard if you have this feature installed in your account.
  • Automatically earn volume discounts if Alibaba sellers offer them when items are ordered in the same order (goes to the same address)
  • The custom message is sent to the supplier as specified in the settings
  • Set a default shipping method for ordering at stores settings, or specify per order
  • Tracking numbers from orders auto-update back in Dropified and your store