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Daily Shopify Checklist

Daily Checklist for Shopify from our Head Developer!

Keep on top of your orders, products and maximise conversions in just four simple steps.

  1. Check your products in Oberlo or Dropified and see if there are any changes. (Price, stock levels, and changes in product). Any changes, go back to Shopify > Products and change directly there.
  2. Check Shopify - Customers. See if you have new email subscribers, new customers, or newly abandoned checkouts. If you have a few abandoned checkouts, retarget them with email or SMS, and fix up what is not helping the conversion. If there are not enough new customers or email subscribers, time to do a big push for them.
  3. Check Shopify - Analytics. What landing page is doing best, online session, traffic, and sales? Also, you can watch the Live Analytics and see if people are in Active Carts or Checking Out. You can use a messenger bot and contact them whilst going through your shop. Keep your Live View visible all day.
  4. Orders - fulfill your orders!

For more tips, join our weekly Q&A calls with our Head Developer. Links to the calls can be accessed from the main dashboard in the training portal.