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Choosing a Domain Name

Q. How do I choose a domain name?

After you’ve researched and chosen your niche, brainstorm some words that would represent them. You could also add some words about your future vision for your business. You could use your own name, but for internet searches and brand recognition, include words that describe your niche or your customer avatar.

Brainstorming is a useful 5 step process:

  1. all ideas are thrown together, with nothing excluded
  2. write down enough words and ideas until you’ve exhausted your creativity
  3. start eliminating and excluding obvious misfits
  4. try creating a series of words, or make up new words or combinations of words
  5. Choose a few ideas and search online for available domains

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, do a local internet business search for your region and country to see if it’s already being used in the same field or category. It’s also important that you include your Account or Legal advisor in the business naming process.

Once you’re comfortable with the availability, register your domain name. We recommend GoDaddy as a domain registrar.

It’s important to choose a “.com” because it’s recognized worldwide. It also has higher search engine (SEO) and google rankings than other domain extensions(TLDs - Top Level Domains).

Also a domain with your nichestorename + .com will be recognized more easily.

If the .com domain you want is parked or taken, you can use a dash (not preferable but it can work). But first check the original domain name to see if a competitor has it. You don’t want to do marketing that sends customers to them, and you also don’t want to infringe on their IP - Intellectual Property. It’s easier to start with something different.

For instance, you can have a men’s hat niche with the same name as a microchip company, and although it doesn’t relate to their industry, you can add a longer name or domain that defines “Intel Fashion Hats” as (don’t use this - it’s just an example!).

Most importantly, get something chosen and start your store! Choose wisely at first, but if absolutely necessary, it’s possible in Shopify to change later.

For more information on branding and crafting your idea, go to your eCommerce Accelerator™ training Week 1, module 5.