How to fulfill orders with Oberlo

This article will show you how to fulfil orders with Oberlo. 


  • You're on a desktop or laptop computer. You can't place orders on mobile or tablet devices.
  • You're using the Google Chrome browser.
  • You have the Oberlo Chrome extension installed on your browser.

If we've created your store, then we’ve already set up accounts with AliExpress and Oberlo and connected them.

You’ll also use the Oberlo Chrome Extension for more powerful options, such as:

  • choosing US product suppliers
  • importing products from AliExpress into your Shopify store

Search for Oberlo Chrome extension, or use this link:

  • You're signed into your AliExpress account on AliExpress. Don't place orders as a guest as you won't be able to track their progress later.
  • Your AliExpress shopping cart is empty.


  1. From your Oberlo admin, click Orders.
  2. Click ORDER next to the order that you want to place. Then you're directed to the AliExpress checkout page. The Oberlo Chrome extension automatically adds the product to your shopping cart, fills in the customer shipping information, and selects your preferred shipping method.
  3. Select your preferred payment method, add your payment details, and then click Continue.
  4. Optional: If you ship to the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom, then you might see an option to fill in the billing address. Make sure to uncheck the Same as shipping address checkbox and then fill in your own billing address.
  5. Review your order information and then click Place Order to pay for your order.

After you place your order on AliExpress the Oberlo Chrome extension syncs your AliExpress order's ID back to Oberlo and changes your order's status to Awaiting shipment. You need to wait until the supplier fulfills your order on AliExpress, and then sync your order information from AliExpress to Oberlo.


For further assistance, click here to watch a video.

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